WDR - wdr.de vs. Wolf-Dieter Roth

The story
Source: Spiegel online

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Wolf-Dieter Roth, a journalist who is living in Germany, has registered the domain with his initials, wdr.org, in 1995. He used this site to publish texts for magazines like PC-online.

In April 1999, a German TV and radio station, the "West-Deutscher Rundfunk", which owns the domain wdr.de, claimed the .org, .com and .net domains as well.

The Lawsuit

The court decided that Wolf-Dieter Roth has to release the domain, otherwise he would have to pay a high penalty. The reason for this is the German brand law which has precedence over the name law.

Next steps

In December 2000 the domain has been released by Wolf-Dieter Roth. The Switzerland-based World Domain Rights organisation has registered the name with domaindirect.com. It will use the name in good faith, trying to protect it from unfriendly domain name take-overs.

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