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In October 2000, Deutsche Welle, the German government-sponsored broadcast company, filed a complaint against DiamondWare, a software company in Mesa, AZ. Deutsche Welle wanted to get the domain name dw.com which is owned by DiamondWare since 1994.

Important WIPO case

The case was heard by World Intellectual Property Organization, a U.N. agency. A Panel of trademark and Internet name experts decided that Deutsche Welle’s behavior “should be condemned as an abuse of the administrative procedure”. Such censure is extraordinarily rare. The Panel continued, saying that it’s a “clear case of reverse domain name hijacking.”

The outcome

Keith Weiner, DiamondWare’s CEO, said today “We’re very happy that the Panel saw the Complaint for what it was.” Mr. Weiner declined to say what further action DiamondWare will take to seek compensation for its expenses and for the disruption to its business.

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