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The American Film Marketing Association, the "AFMA", is a large corporation that handles about a billion dollars in product. In late January 2001, the AFMA sent a cease and desist letter to Andy Hasse, owner of AFM.COM, wherein they state that AFM.COM was infringing upon their trademarks. Mr. Hasse, who is providing a portal to classifieds and auctions ("The American Flea Market") since 1996, replied in a letter, that he would keep the domain.

Contact with WIPO

The American Film Marketing Association then wote a Complaint and sent it to WIPO, the World Intellectual Property Organization. Mr. Hasse sent a Response to WIPO in time and now it is up to the WIPO Panelist to decide what happens to the domain name.

Next steps

Mr. Hasse has put a protest web site in place, where you can sign two petitions.

Case solved

The case has been solved by WIPO in favour of Andy Hasse. The AFMA could not get AFM.com.

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