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What do we do?
by: freak1

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Most of the corporations in our world behave well. But there are a few companies which think that they have the right to do nearly everything just because they are big.

This site lists some cases of unfriendly domain name take-overs and it gives some hints how to fight against it. Yes, even small people like you and me can show them how to behave. The online community is a strong arm and we are all part of it. You can fight the war just from your desktop.

Who is WDR anyway?
by: freak1

We are a growing number of people who try to keep the internet open for individuals as well as for organisations. Please feel free to contact us and send comments. If you think that you are a victim of corporate greed, just let us know and we will publish your case and forward it to the appropriate organisations who might be able to help you.

Write any comments to: mail at wdr.org